"The Symbol of Excellence" is more than a motto but our core belief and motivation behind every project. This ‘Excellence’ is lined with a type of quality, superiority, luxury, originality and creativity that you will not find with any other Custom Home Builder. Westchester Custom Homes, founded by Jack & Angela Cecil, came by an honest start; the first home they had built for themselves. With so much creativity and originality put into their personal home, they ended up selling the home to a Realtor who was amazed when first laying eyes on it. Jack always wanted to be reminded that these topnotch results would need to be delivered in every project. With that in mind, the company was named after the street this home resides. The Company builds homes for Prominent Business Owners, CEO’s/CFO’s and Professional Athletes. We are passionate about what we do and embrace our Customers, their ideas and willing to turn on a dime for them. Anyone can say they are a Custom Builder, but the proof is in your product.

Vendor Relations

"People often ask why I am so passionate about building homes. For me, it is the equivalent of an artist creating a piece of art - creating something that will be a long standing fixture in our communities forever to be appreciated.


With this approach and passion came the realization that I offer a big advantage over the competition - the willingness to change.  Thoughts, opinions and ideas change in the course of a project and where others dismiss change - I embrace it.  I truly believe by embracing change it takes something from great to out of this world!


No matter the size or scale of your project, I understand it is a commitment of your time, energy and financial resources.  Integrity and honesty are the founding principles of Westchester Homes.  I will never take your commitments for granted, and I am 100% committed to delivering the best service in the business!"

Our Commitment

You are only as good as your Suppliers and Contractors. We embrace this thought and have built relationships with the best of the best. Loyalty is the key to any relationship but difficult in an industry driven by top quality for the least expense. Looking back to our beginning, we still do business with many of the core contractors it takes to build a home and many I consider a friend. The same goes for Customers, it is all about relationships. I often get a smirk when I tell a potential Customer we are entering into a long-term marriage. It is amazing how many of our Customer’s will reach out to say Happy Anniversary and tell me the year of how long they have lived happily in their home. BUT there is no bigger compliment for me than to be invited into a Customer’s home as a guest after the project is completed. It is at that moment, that I know how much I have been an impact not only to their housing needs but also and most important to their family.


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The Symbol Of Excellence

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